I know, I know...it has taken too long for a second blog post. Little did I know getting back into it after a long and grueling winter season would be so hard! Well, I am back into it. I have had 3 straight weeks of 20+ miles and have really been enjoying running with everyone at our running groups. It is always cool to catch up with friends, it makes the runs seem so much easier. I swear my 3 miles runs are harder than my 7 mile runs just because I am running with people. It has also been really nice to mix it up. Running with a group has helped me tone it down. If I were out there on my own, every run would be a race...probably would not help those long miles so much. 

One of the things I have lacked on is coming up with a regular running schedule and figuring out where I am at for a marathon training plan. I do figure I have some time, but that time is quickly creeping. I know you should not start too early, but I would like to have a strong base leading into the long miles.

My diet? Well you know how that goes. That is harder than starting to run. I have begun to pay attention to portion control and what I am eating before bed, but I do have to say that those cookies and cocktails do call my name. My mantra has always been, "I run to eat." I think that will always be my wiring, but the one thing I can and will try very hard at is limiting the amount I indulge. 

I knew this endeavor would challenge my organizational skills and refrain. So far, I was right and I have not even started training yet. 

I swear I will get a calendar up with my runs on it! I do want you all to help me maintain accountability. It is coming. Until then, I have been joining in on a lot of the group runs that we have to offer. I would say that if any of you need a kick in the butt or would like people to run with, join us!


PS - The beautiful thing about running outside are the sites you get to see!