I know what you are going to say..."Where are all of these blog posts?" Well, to be quite honest, I have been slacking. Not slacking in the general sense of life, but definitely on the blog posting part of this marathon experience. One of the things that have limited my blog posts has been the introduction of our new stores. Two of them! Can you believe it? We are all pretty pumped! I can't wait to spread the soundRUNNER vibes.

Where am I at you ask? Well, I am 4 weeks into my training plan. So far so good...for the most part. I have experienced some firsts recently.

  • I have fallen on a run. You might find it hard to believe, but I have yet to fall during my 8 year running adventure.
  • I have explored new options to stay chafe-free. I think I have settled in on the right cocktail. No one ever wants to see this again.
  • I have now, on multiple occasions, awoken prior to 6:30 am to go for a run. As a matter of fact I woke up this morning at 5:40 am to run.
  • I have knowingly gone on a run in middle of the pouring rain.
  • I have had my running shoes, the Hoka One One Clifton 2, stolen off of my porch. Crazy thing is...I wear a size 14, they were soaking wet and they had no inserts. 
  • I have figured out that I like running with water. Thank you Nathan for my insulated run bottle!

I have started playing with nutrition. So far I have been running with Clif Shot Bloks. The flavor is good and I think I am more of a solid guy than a gel guy. Since I have been running with the Shot Bloks, I have switched over to straight water. I am much more interested in chasing something sweet with something plain and refreshing than something sweet with something sweet and refreshing.

As for my training, I have been using a program called Runtrix. Thank you Meg and Matt Moran! It seems to be pretty spot on so far. I do have to say, there are some times that I vary from the program, but it does do a good job of keeping you honest if you actually use it. I was pretty impressed with the information I gave it to analyze and how it generated my program. So far, nothing has been too hard. There have been days that I definitely do not want to run, but the idea that I have to squeak out 26.2 miles keeps me on my game. Track workouts...well those are tough. I don't mean tough in that I can't complete them, but tough in that I have trouble staying true to the program. I have been running them by feel and have been going way too fast. I think it may be time to use my watch in a different way.

I know I said I would make my schedule public, which has been harder than expected with everything that has been going on. To let you all know I have been pretty regular with long runs on Saturday. If anyone wants to join me, feel free to email me at preston@soundrunner.com. I have been trying to get out between 6:30 and 7:30 am. Next week I have 13 miles that needs to be run between 1:50 and 1:53.

If you would like to help me get closer to my fundraising goal please check out my CrowdRise page: https://www.crowdrise.com/jamesranton

I am raising money for OutRUN38. You know these guys! They got the first Half Marathon together in Branford, CT...MY HOMETOWN! In addition, they help raise money and awareness for cystic fibrosis, as well as encourage healthy living through running, walking, swimming, etc. They have been very instrumental in helping new runners feel supported as well as keeping seasoned runners on their game. I sincerely appreciate the community they have helped build on the shoreline of CT! Check out their Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/outruntheodds/