written by staff contributor Andrew Judd:

New season, new blog post, new shoe. While we all have our old tried-and-true trusty favorites when it comes to running shoes, that doesn’t mean we aren’t always on the lookout for something to add to our current training rotation. Today, I want to talk about a shoe that is brand new to us: the Pearl Izumi Road N3.

side view of the Pearl Izumi Road N3

The run:

I got my first pair of these a few months ago and they immediately became a staple in my running diet. So far they have felt good across a variety of paces, terrains, and training runs. Whether speedwork or a more relaxed pleasure run, there is a balance between the shoe’s cushion and its more responsive feel. The secret? The signature Dynamic Offset paired with Pearl’s Energy Foam. Due to the dynamic offset the entire midsole has a slight curve to it. This propels a runner forward no matter if they are a faster, more aggressive mid-foot striker or a more relaxed heel-striker. This evens out the transition between steps to create a less jarring feeling, without the bulk of the extra cushioning that other shoes add to absorb all that shock. The Energy Foam is a good soft foam with just a little extra bounce and give, creating a harmony between feeling the road, and feeling cushioned.


The fit:

In the upper, Pearl Izumi has found an equilibrium between a light, sleek feeling, and still hugging the foot, holding it in place. The open toe-box will not only accommodate but feel good on almost any foot shape. This balance makes them feel perfect on a short tempo-pace day, hugging the foot and staying secure,  yet feels breathable and and relaxed enough to do your long runs in.

The Conclusion:

Looking for something new in your life? Come try out this cool new shoe from Pearl Izumi and see what I’m talking about. I know I have been enjoying mine! Whether it’s a 5K tempo run or your weekly long run, they always feel exactly appropriate. My stride always feels strong, consistent, and mostly importantly, pain free!