Run Your Best Run!

soundRUNNER has partnered with local running coaches and clubs to bring you the best run training possible. Join us out on the roads to run your best run!

Hartford Full and Half Marathon Training

This 14 week program is designed to help runners reach their goals by focusing on improving mobility, as well as increasing strength and endurance.

Tuesday evening track workouts focus on a gradual development of speed over longer time intervals. Runners new to these “effort” workouts need not feel intimidated. Embrace them! And experienced runners will welcome the minutes these workout will shave off their finish times. Some say these interval speed workouts are the best kept secret in the world of running.

Strength training is paramount to running economy and longevity. The repetitive nature of running can cause wear and tear on the body. It is through strengthening of both the primary muscles of running along with the secondary supportive muscle of the core and glutes that we build stamina. With the primary and secondary muscles working in synergy, running economy and endurance improve and the chance of injury decreases.

Program Details:

  • Program led by Connecticut Sports and Fitness
  • 14-week training program to prepare for full marathon (26.2 miles) or half marathon (13.1 miles)
  • 10% discount on all of your running needs at soundRUNNER for the duration of the program
  • Coached Tuesday Night Speed Sessions
  • Guts N Butts Strength Training for Runners
  • Guest speakers on nutrition, recovery and running efficiency techniques
  • Various long run meetups throughout the program

(this program can be adjusted to accommodate other races within reason)

Training begins Tuesday, July 9th, 5:45pm at Connecticut Sports & Fitness. There will be an open house and panel discussion on what to expect during your training.

Cost: $165. Cost does not include registration for Eversource Hartford Half or Full Marathon.

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