Welcome to the Mile Madness Challenge!

Are you up for a challenge? How about a virtual challenge? We’re taking social distancing to a whole new level. The Marathon Sports Mile Madness Virtual Challenge is a weekly running contest similar to our Winter Warrior Challenge with a little bit of a twist.

Each week we’ll be partnering with one of our vendors to encourage you to take on a different number of miles (running or walking).

At the end of the week, you’ll be asked to post a screenshot of your total mileage on a tracking app (Strava, Garmin, Apple, etc.) on your personal social media page (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and tag us (@marathonsports , @runnersalley, @soundrunnerct) with the hashtag #MSMileMadness. If posted with the appropriate mileage you’ll be entered to win prizes from the “brand of the week”!

Rules will vary every single week, there will always be a mileage “expectation” but in addition, the brands will get to choose their own rules and themes. These will be laid out EVERY MONDAY on all of our social channels.

We hope you’ll join us in the fun and crush some mileage!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • When does the Mile Madness Start?

    The challenge will begin on Monday, March 30th.

  • How many miles do I need to run each week?

    It will vary! Check our social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) every single Monday for mile expectations

  • What app should I be using to track my miles?

    You can use any mileage tracker that you’d like! Some examples are: Strava, Garmin Connect, Run Keeper, Apple Health

    As long as you can take a screenshot of your weekly miles – it will work!

  • How do I know if I won a prize?

    We will reach out to you directly via social media at the end of the week to get your shipping information for your prize!

  • Do I have to run? Or can I walk?

    You can most definitely walk your miles! As long as you track it on a mileage tracker app you’re good to go!

  • When does the week start and end for the challenge?

    The week will begin every Monday and end on Saturday.

  • Who should I tag in weekly mileage post?

    If you shop at Marathon sports tag @marathonsports and #MSMileMadness

    If you shop at SoundRUNNER tag @soundrunnerct and #MsMileMadness

    If you shop at Runner’s Alley tag @runnersalley and #MsMileMadness

  • Can I join on any week?

    Of course! Every week begins a new challenge, so you can join on any Monday that you’d like. If you completed week 1 of the challenge you’re not obligated to complete week 2. We definitely encourage you to participate every week, but it’s not mandatory.