Pub Runs

One of the best things about summer running is that singlets and splits fill up a laundry basket much more slowly than tights, half zips, hats, mittens, and baselayers.  Winter running requires MUCH more time doing laundry!  Hooray for less laundry!

Another reason to celebrate summer is the return of sound RUNNER Pub Runs!

What’s a Pub Run? A Pub Run is when a group of runners get together, goes for a run, and goes to a pub after the run.  Pretty simple.  It’s also pretty enjoyable. 



So why should you come out for a sound RUNNER Pub Run?

  • Because we know how to have fun! How cool is it to go out for a run and a drink with the people from your favorite running store?
  • Meet new people - run with friends – call a babysitter and make it a date night!
  • We will be partnering with our vendors for some of the runs and there will be opportunities to test out shoes, accessories, and other cool stuff! 
  • Enjoy drink and food specials with our OFFICIAL Pub Run partners!
  • Make it a routine! Get your pub run punch card. Punch your card six times and receive a sound RUNNER Pub Run pint glass.

Thank you to our Official Pub Run partners! These guys hook us up great specials throughout our pub run season!

Pub Partners



Vendor Partners




Please view the calendar below for a list of pub runs at our stores. Be sure to read the details as this calendar includes pub runs at all sound RUNNER locations. It would be a shame if you showed up to the wrong store...although you may be able to twist someones arm to go out for a beer!


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