We are excited to announce the 3rd edition of the Winter Warrior Challenge put on by sound RUNNER and sponsored by our good friends at Brooks Running. For Winter Warrior, we challenge you to run or walk OUTSIDE every day for 31 days in January. [CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!]


Over the past two years we have had thousands of walkers and runners take on the Winter Warrior Challenge to kick start a great year of a great new you. Track your mileage every day using our online platform powered by RaceWire and see how you stack up against the rest of the state. Living in shoreline CT and trying to compete with your family in Hartford? No problem - all the mileage is inputted remotely by you and can be completed ANYWHERE outdoors!


Don't forget to input your mileage EVERY DAY; one day without mileage logged, and YOU ARE OUT!


NOTE: You will not see an option to log mileage until the Challenge begins on 1/1/2017 - so don't panic! Your account will be updated and ready to go once the Challenge begins.


Different Category Levels to Challenge Yourself!


At the end of the month, we tally up the results for those still in The Challenge (logged at least one mile every day of the month) and award a title of Gold, Silver, or Bronze based on your daily mileage. See below for grouping requirements:


Bronze=Run/Walk 1 mile each day*
Silver=Run/Walk 3 miles each day*
Gold=Run/Walk 5 miles each day*


Convenient leaderboards are updated daily for Gold, Silver, and Bronze categories so you can see how you stack up!

* These mileage targets are NOT averages. You must complete at least 1,3 or 5 miles each and every day of the competition to be placed in the various categories.


We've got a great schedule of events throughout the month to keep our Warriors going - check back soon for more info!


And don't forget about the TEAM CHALLENGE:

Get your friends involved and see if you can stack up to be the Winter Warrior Team Champions! Teams must include at least 5 people. Join or Create a Team when starting your registration.


Team wasn't set up when you registered but is now? Easy, just log into your account on RaceWire and click the edit button in the Team section. You may join a team at any time. If you need to change teams, please email and we can make the switch for you.


There will be two Team Champion categories this year:
-Highest average mileage per team member
-Most miles run by a team


Whether you have 200 people on your team, or 5, everyone has a chance. How does your team stack up?

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